When using a flat frying pan seal the meat on both sides when pan is hot (not warm) about 10 to 20 seconds on each side. Place sealed meat aside and drain pan of any juice, and allow to heat up again, cook steak for around 3minutes on each side for medium rare, this will vary depending on cut and thickness. If the pan has too much juice after cooking the first side for 3 minutes, remove the juice before turning over.

Note – A griddle or grill type pan will do a better job of cooking the meat as it keeps meat juice away from meat and will therefore not have a boiling effect.


Rump – BBQ or hot pan
Scotch Fillet – BBQ or hot pan
Eye Fillet – BBQ or hot pan
Sirloin – BBQ or hot pan
T- bone – BBQ Grill side
Round – Hot pan / BBQ / casserole / curry / stir fry
Blade – Hot pan / BBQ / casserole / curry / stir fry

Round and Blade are not your typical house hold cuts of meat, they are not as tender as the fillets but have fantastic flavour. We love them as a quick easy steak on a rushed night or they make sensational stir fry’s and curries

Our tips

  • Avoid cooking meat in oil or other unnatural substances, trim off a little of the fat from the meat and grease pan with it, this will allow meat to cook in its own juice and caramelise naturally
  • We like to cook cuts with a bone on the BBQ for a better flavour.
  • We like to cook cuts with subcutaneous fat (strip of fat on outside of meat e.g; rump, T bone ) on the grill side of the BBQ, the flame will crisp’n the fat and make it delicious allowing excess juice to drain away. Remember its low in saturated fats and high in omega three – enjoy.
  • Make sure BBQ is hot before cooking, there are so many variations in size and styles of BBQ’s that cooking times will vary a lot. My Dad has always cooked one side until you just see the blood come to top then flip and repeat.
  • If you like your meat medium well to well done heat BBQ with lid to about 200, throw steaks on, drop the lid and turn the burners to low, try about 5 to 8 minutes on either side.