Painted Honeyeater

Painted Honeyeater

Myall Springs is home to abundant wildlife with more than one hundred species of birds, including water birds. Bird watchers find delight in spotting Black Swans, Swamp Hens, Falcons, Hawks and the famous Painted Honeyeater.

This small bird (16cm) which is listed as vulnerable on the threatened species list makes its home among the weeping myalls and has delighted many a bird watcher visiting Myall Springs.

The property’s location means that it has a good representation of birds more readily associated with the New England region to the east as well as the birds of the Liverpool Plains. It provides fertile ground for bird watching and provides a unique opportunity to sit in one spot and witness the beauty of hundreds of different species.


One of the many bird species to be found at Myall Springs

Download the species list for a better understanding of the great variety of species to be spotted at Myall Springs.

Species List